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Art. 1 - CHECK-IN
Every person who would like to enter into the campsite must be authorized by the management. A valid indentification document for every person must be presented in order to get registered, as per the italian law. In case of not authorized persons inside the campsite, the risk is: violation of the public safety regulation; violation of the art. 614 C.P. (unlawful entry); violation of the art. 633 C.P. (territory’s invasion); violation of the art. 624 C.P. (service stealing); crime of contract fraud.
The guest is obliged to check the correct registration and notify every discordances or variations to the management, the arrival or leaving of the persons.
PERSONS UNDER AGE. It’s not allowed the entrance to persons under age alone. The person under age must be accompanied and stay with the parents or with the tutors, which are responsible for the respect of the campsite’s rules. The adult persons are also responsible for their children’s behavior in order to avoid disturbance of other guest’s silence, safety and hygiene.

Art. 2
On one pitch it’s allowed only one equipment.

The pitch can be choosen by the guest, considering the staff’s directions. The reserved pitches can be occupy only by management’s authorization. The equipment must be settle within the pitch area, also the car. Maximum 6 persons are allowed.

The management can permit the entrance of visitors free of charge for a short time, the campsite organization permitting. In case of extension of the stay, the visitor must have the management’s authorization and pay as per price list. Visitors can enter only on foot and during the daily permitted hours. Cars and motorbikes must be parked in the parking at the reception. The guests have to make sure that their visitors have the requested authorization and they are also responsible for their behavior during their stay in the campsite.

Art. 5 – TRAFFIC
All the vehicles can be used at a low speed, only during the permitted hours, only to enter and to leave the campsite, respecting the traffic signs.
It’s strictly forbidden to leave any kind of vehicles (also trailers) on the streets.
It’s forbidden to park vehicles in the surrounding of the restaurants, the swimming-pool, the slide and outside the parking.

At any time it’s forbidden any kind of behavior, activities, games and the use of devices which could disturb other guests. Between 11.00p.m. and 07.00a.m. it’s strictly forbidden: the entrance or exit or driving of vehicles, the use of radios, the use of sport equipment and entertainment facilities.

The use of the sport equipment is at the guest’s own risk. Persons younger than 12 years old cannot use them.
The jetty can be used by the guests of the campsite but it’s forbidden to dive.

The management has no responsibility for: theft of objects or valuables not consigned or refused by the management, any damage caused by other guests or due to extenuating circumstances, nature disasters, insects, diseases and epidemics also of the plants, falling of branches or of hanging fruits.
The guests are responsible for the electrical and gas systems of their caravans/tents, their conformity with the law and their efficiency.

Dogs are not allowed and in all accommodation pets are not admited. No motorbikes, scooter or mopeds are permitted.
It’s also forbidden:
- leave rubbish outside the bins or containers
- to dig holes or channels in the ground
- to light fires
- to damage the vegetation
- to pour out oils, petrol, hot liquid or any kind of rubbish
- to wash cars or other vehicles
- to wash dishes, linen outside the washing areas
- to wash yourself at the campsite fountains
- to waste or to use water in an improperly way
- to enclose fences, curtains, to tie up or to anchore anything to the plants, to stretch any rope or cable at a person height, to install anything which could be dangerous or be an obstacle.

The campsite pay very attention to recycling. We ask our guests to use the rubbish area and containers in a property way.

Art. 11 – LOST & FOUND
All found objects inside the campsite must be delivered to the management in order manage them as per the italian law.

The access to the swimming-pool is permitted only barefoot or with slippers, passing through the washing food basin. Swimmingcup is required. It’s strictly forbidden to bath during the closing time and to dive. The slides can be used by children up to 12 years old, accompanied by the parents.

Motorboats can arrive and leave only in the boat area. They must be parked only in the boat parking.
It’s strictly prohibited to sail until 200m from the coast and to dock to the jetty. No-observance to the navigation regulations is a violation and can be a reason of expulsion from the campsite.

Art. 14 – SAFETY
The management guarantees the security inside the campsite but has no responsability for theft or loss of guest’s properties. Every guest is due to look after their own properties.
For more control, the guest has to wear the wristband and carry the personal camping pass, both received at check-in.
In case of false declaration of the guest’s number, the management will apply the daily tarif as per price list, added of 50% for each person not declared, starting from the day of check-in. Then, the entire party will be sent away from the campsite.
Anyone who has to complain about other guests’ behavior, is asked to report to the management which will adopt measures.
The management has the right to sent way persons responsible for vandalism, annoyance, bother, disobeying of this regulation.
The management has the right to expel those persons who don’t respect the campsite’s rules or whose behavior disturb the other guest’s stay. Persons already expelled cannot enter into the campsite without a previous management’s authorization.


Silence hours 01.00a.m. – 03p.m. and 11.00p.m. – 07.00a.m.
Visitors 10.00a.m. – 10.00p.m.
Pitch arrival 01.00p.m. – 11.00p.m.
Accommodation arrival 06.00p.m. – 10.00p.m.
Pitch departure within 01.00p.m.
Accommodation departure within 10.00a.m.
Reception 08.00a.m. – 10p.m.
Cash desk 08.00a.m. – 09.30p.m.
Safe box service 08.00a.m. – 10.00p.m.
ATM 08.00a.m. – 10.00p.m.
Supermarket Low season
Middle season
High season
Restaurant 08.00a.m. – 11.00p.m.
Bar 08.00a.m. – 11.00p.m.

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